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With most of the organizations looking at IT Asset and Platform, Data Consolidation and Analytics - Robust Digital Roadmap

Data Migration Tools Data Migration Tools
“System appreciation, consolidation, and migration have been buzzwords in Value Management with more and more organization growing organic or inorganically. With high pressure on cost reduction, IT optimization, return to native, ROI and TCO management becomes a daunting challenge with the change in Technology ”

“ Reducing IT Spend and Business Application Innovation ”

CSCO’s and CFO’s always self-reflect opportunities... WHERE and HOW!!!

  • Business Application Redundancy
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization Strategy
  • Seamless Data Migration Tools with Landscape Consolidation
  • Cloud or On-Premise

PiLog’s System Appreciation Methodology (PiLog SAM) is one of the modular solutions to

  • Study of AS-IS process maps and product development object list (DOL)
  • Determine process maturity and return to native solutions
  • Augmentation of Industry Best Business Processes
  • Review and sign-off on hypothesis and recommendations
  • Plan for Business Process Re-Engineering, if applicable
  • Plan for Application Portfolio Rationalization, if Applicable
  • Product evaluation, if applicable
  • ERP Roadmap, if applicable
  • Analyze observations
  • Review industry best practices, if applicable
  • Build hypothesis on individual modules in scope Process as well as Technology
  • Build end-state system landscape hypothesis and recommendations
  • Recommendations on IT strategy
  • Final report preparation
  • Team onboarding
  • Collection of documentation - BPD's, BPML, Application Maps, DOL's, TD, FD's, requirements, Support ticket dump
  • Key stake holder's workshop planning
  • Sign-off on project plan and templates
  • Review of business process documents (BPD's)
  • Review of current application maps
  • Review of development objects (DOL's) and system performance, job schedules
  • Review of IT strategies
  • Review of current ticket data
  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Record observations

Team Onboard

Project Documents

Project Plan

Review Documents

System Study

Review Architecture

System Appreciation



Business Best Practices


IT Strategy

Analyze and Hypothesis

Review and Signoff

Future Planning


Key Deliverables
  • Tailor made methodology
  • Project plan
  • Hypothesis and Recommendations
  • Future plan, if applicable

Seamless Data Migration Tools are key to success for reducing the overall cost of ownership with embedded technology and innovation for realizing value by optimized business process management, IT scalability, flexibility, adaptability with improved user experience, and limited organization change management…

iTransform is an integral part of PiLog DATA QUALITY HUB; software application available to our customer in pay per use subscription-based, object-based transformation model, fixed licenses, etc to fulfill the growing need of data migration of extraction, transformation, and loading of structured and un-structured non-governance based master and all transactional data irrespective of the source and target system… Key insights of iTransform

  • Extraction of master and transactional data from source application (Structured or Un-Structured)
  • Transformation of data using pre-existing or tailor-made business rules and validations
  • Reference Data Mart and Repositories
  • Data Syndication, multi-model integration as per standards and reconciliations
  • Data Quality, Remediation's and Failure Analysis with graphical reports
  • Cloud or On-Premise…
Key Result Area(s) Key Performance Indicator(s)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduction of cost of ownership by 15%
  • Data Migration and Archiving Strategy improving the system performance 20% YoY
Business Application Consolidation Reduction on IT spend by 10-12% YoY
Seamless Data Migration Reduction of project costs by 15-20% with seamless data migration (Reuse repository and business rules)
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