iSPIR Management

Information management of replaceable interchangeable and alternatives spaces for effective
MRO inventory management for expansion or capital project

PiLog iSPIR Manager was built primarily to acquire, build, structure, clean and configure data, gathered during a Capital Expansion Project and then deliver this data in a format that can be easily uploaded into any operational ERP solution for further processing of transactional data

From an Operational Data perspective, the opportunity of acquiring all the necessary data for a fully integrated ERP solution is at its highest during the project, as all the Vendors are quite possibly on-site and the contract close-out procedures can contain Master Data delivery checks and balances that will ensure the successful delivery of all relevant Procurement, Materials and Maintenance Master Data

This module allows the user to register all PO's placed during the acquisition phase of a capital expansion together with the list of items procured. These line items or the material take-on are then transferred to a Vendor Catalogue where they are classified and catalogued

  • Minimized production downtime
  • Cost reduction
  • Established preventive measures
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced impulsive buying
  • Provides detailed spare part list
  • Provides sectional drawings for each item with which we can identify the spare perfectly
  • Reduce or eliminate obsolete parts
  • Remove or eliminate duplicates
  • It will ensure proper control of high cost items
  • It helps in reducing production and standby charges