Data Transformation

Structured and Unstructured data transformed to control & enhance business processes

To begin making sense of their data, companies must master the art and science of data transformation. Data transformation, also known as ETL (Extract/Transform/Load), is the process of converting a raw data source into a cleansed, validated, and ready-to-use form. PiLog Data Transformation can turn your data into timely insights that positively impact businesses.


Appropriately transformed data is accessible, consistent, secure, and seen as a trustworthy source by the intended user community. PiLog Data transformation is an important step in the full data integration process. With the ever-growing volume of data available to and about your business, you have a great opportunity to use it to find new business value. But harnessing this data requires a conscientious data transformation strategy.

PiLog gives you a very powerful Vision 10 Platform for defining transformation in a late-bound, performant and easy declarative nature to empower agile analytics.