PiLog Preferred Ontology

Over 6000+ Unique templates for Material, Equipment and Service Master Records.
ISO 8000 compliant data models and structures

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PiLog has the best dictionary in the form of PPO - PiLog Preferred Ontology which covers the MRO and Service Templates from various industries around the globe. PiLog develops the dictionaries/taxonomies/Ontologies and the master data governance solutions as per the ISO standards.

The most important component of any Master Data effort-of any data effort-is content. PiLog has spent twenty five years researching, developing, and refining our Technical Dictionary and Taxonomy.

Most people simply use the term "Technical Dictionary" to refer to the content needed to describe and relate master data. The foundation of what is needed is far more than just a dictionary. You must define the properties and classification structures. You must determine the links and relationships between and among the data. That is what our content provides-a unique set of templates to define data based on the class of each item of each data domain.

All that definition and determination takes time, but many find the task too daunting and begin their project with inaccurate and incomplete rule sets that fail to govern their Master Data. As a Master Data Content Accelerator, the PiLog Technical Dictionary Content puts any Master Data Project on a firm footing to start Classifying, Managing, and Governing Master Data on the first day of your Master Data project.

  • Ineffective search
  • Incomplete item specifications
  • High possibility of creating duplicate items
  • Items not properly grouped
  • Extensive coverage of all commodities
  • Detailed templates explaining each commodity
  • Flexible and user friendly
  • Suitable for all industrial sectors
  • Available in multi languages
  • User friendly
  • Structured materials get created using our Ontology (PPO)
  • Enables capturing complete specifications to reduce incorrect purchasing
  • Standardized descriptions (Short & Long) across the organization ( Across the plants/Regions)
  • Identify duplicates based on the characteristics
  • Enables the user to link images to the material records