PiLog - Data Migration

System up-gradations and cloud migrations provide businesses with opportunities to surge their agility, enhance growth and determine business priorities. It reduces the amount of capital expenses while transferring data to an improved and innovative environment.

PiLog Data Migration process ensures comprehensive data integrity, minimizes disruption to daily business operations with minimal manual efforts, helps in scaling of resources to meet growing needs of business datasets.

Data Migration Solution Highlights:
  • Simplistic Mapping - Reusable
  • Database extracts – to easy extraction of legacy system data
  • Reusable and adaptable transforms and functions - (drag and drop) for minimal hand coding
  • Single design interface - to build data structures and transformations
  • Profile and analyze any source data
  • Web portal - to manage job operations
  • Operational reporting capability for monitoring job execution and trends
  • In-built governance in MDRM – Master Data Management and Pro-Active Governance

Key Result Area - Data Migration
  • Faster Data loads with enhanced migration techniques
  • Higher accuracy of data loads after PiLog repository checks
  • Quicker resolution to data migration or cleansing errors
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