What Benefits Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 Can Bring for SAP MDG

Did you know that the implementation of Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 combined with SAP Master Data Governance can deliver dramatic performance improvements in Supply Chain Management, with 40% improved process and smoothness of the workflows?

It seems unrealistic, no?

Let's dig deeper to understand how? Within a few years of our working we have successfully implemented MDM Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 and their other version which are:

  • PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 1.0 for SAP Master Data Governance
  • PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 2.0 for SAP Master Data Governance
  • PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 3.0 for SAP Master Data Governance
  • PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 for SAP Master Data Governance
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In various industries Including Manufacturing, Chemicals and Petro-chemicals, Oil & Gas Industry etc, the outcomes produced a significant 40% improvement in daily Supply-Chain Management activities, which were nothing short of transformative.

Each category or piece of information within the PiLog’s material master taxonomy has special identification code, or classification code that makes the information more accurate and standard to utilize for material creation or we can say new item creation within the ERP system. Specific materials or goods can be easily retrieved and referenced thanks to these codes. For inventory and supply chain management to be consistent and accurate, they are crucial.

Organizations are able to systematically classify, arrange, and manage their materials or products because to the combination of these essential elements. This structured method offers a clear and consistent manner to comprehend and interact with varied materials and goods, which aids in corporate activities including inventory management, procurement, sales, and reporting.

Benefits Material Master Taxonomy 4.0
Can Bring In Collaboration with SAP Master Data Governance


Data Quality and Compliance

To guarantee data quality and conformity with ISO standards, PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 was created. You may maintain high-quality, standardized, and compliant master data by integrating with SAP MDG, which enforces these standards across your data. This is especially important for businesses with various data needs that operate on a worldwide basis.


Comprehensive Data Descriptions

Within SAP MDG processes, PiLog's solution offers thorough, multilingual descriptions. As a result, your product data will be enhanced with thorough and consistent descriptions that will make it simpler for your teams to deal with the data and for stakeholders to comprehend and efficiently utilize it.


Deduplication and Efficiency

Inefficiencies and confusion can result from duplicate data. Duplicate records are found and removed using PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy and SAP MDG, giving you a single source of truth for your master data. This improves decision-making, minimizes errors, and streamlines operations.


Supply Chain and Procurement Optimization

Proper supply chain and procurement procedures management is crucial for efficient cost reduction and improved operational efficiency. The PiLog solution enhances these processes by utilizing the MRO Taxonomy from SAP Classification. As a result, systematic multilingual brief and buy order descriptions are created, improving procurement efficiency, and reducing error risk.


SAP Certification

With SAP Labs certification, PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 is guaranteed to adhere to SAP's exacting requirements and best practices. This certification increases your trust in the solution's capability by assuring you that it can be incorporated into your SAP environment without posing any serious hazards.

PiLog's Material Master Taxonomy 4.0 in collaboration with SAP Master Data Governance brings a multitude of benefits to your organization.

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