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Master Data Management Solutions

Master data management (MDM) is the core process used to manage, centralize, organize, categorize, localize, synchronize, and enrich master data according to the business rules of your company's sales, marketing, and operational strategies. Master data can take the form of product, customer, supplier, location and asset information, along with the data sources that drive your business.

Master data management (MDM) Tools

It manages all critical data from multiple sources in the organization and link them to a master data file." The efficient management of master data in a data center gives you a single version of truth and eliminates expenses caused by data warehouses.It supports your business initiatives and objectives by identifying, linking, and syndicating information and content across products, customers, stores/locations, employees, suppliers, digital assets, and more.

How it overcomes these common data challenges businesses face by enabling transparency.

MDM is a crucial enabler for providing a single, trustworthy view of critical business information. Trusted data sources help reduce application integration costs, improve customer experience and yield actionable analytic insight. It delivers this by overcoming these common challenges:

  • Data silos and multiple versions of your data.
  • Reduce data errors.
  • Dated timeliness.

The key to making master data trustworthy and insightful is transparency, delivered by an accountable organization that specifies data's meaning, purpose and governance policy.

MDM Tools defines and implements these policies to certify data's origin, accuracy, coherence, accessibility, security, auditability, and ethics are under the supervision and best serving business purposes.

Benefits of Master Data Management.

MDM connects, masters and shares data from all your systems, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce and more. It allows you to create a 360° view of your information, including everything from your customers' buying history to product availability and supplier interaction.

Vendor Master Data Management best practices for Business Sucess

  • Focus product, service and company energies on sales-enhancing operations, and DE-prioritize the draining of time and resources.
  • Accelerate data maturity by improving the data quality, visibility,data integration,data cleansing and transparency of digital business requirements.
  • Facilitate data transparency in order to satisfy the evolving needs of consumers for personalized, data-rich experience.

Master Data Management (MDM) Guidelines and Data Management Strategy.

As companies expand, their IT infrastructure becomes more complicated. Investments and growth in new markets and countries may result in multiple systems, applications and technologies. This fragmented environment creates significant data management difficulties.

MDM Softwares provides an organized approach to data management and increases the value and quality of data. Connects information, people and processes to help companies achieve goals and improve performance.

What is the role of Master Data Management?

Master Data Management Solutions (MDM Solutions) is a centralized solution to bring data together from across the enterprise, enabling businesses to maximize the value and quality of data by eliminating silos, implementing governance and sharing it with all those who need it. The results enable them to:

  • Launch products faster.
  • Reduce supply chain complexity.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Monitor all customer details at a glance.
  • Slash your marketing costs and target customer more effectively improve customer service.
  • Free up resources with a master data platform.


It links all the essential business data of an organization into a single master file.This approach is generally used to optimize data sharing within an enterprise when various stakeholders need access to it.This master file provides critical information to a single shared point.

Get a full and detailed summary of your customer data, supplier data, product data and other company data. In addition, we have built a Master Data Record Manager (MDRM) framework to ensure that your data is sorted by collecting specific information on your product selection.

MDM is utilized to oversee, update, unite, and distribute product data. This incorporated and upgraded framework permits you to see steady and improved data from a central source. 

Eliminate poor quality data: Solve data redundancies and inconsistencies by automating how to eliminate duplicate data and prevent delays or uncertainty in the verification stage.

Integration of your business processes: Minimize the time and expense of managing resources to meet the increasing data size by combining all related resources into a centralized, unified master data platform.

Fast-track your business processes: Enhance the consistency of customer master data on a continuous basis so that you get consistent and data-rich insights to offer unforgettable real-time experiences

Improved decision-making: Enable smart business choices to boost customer service and build brand loyalty, from handling corrective actions to delivering marketing strategies.

Pilog MDRM (MDM Tool) helps you to streamline your organization and customer data with a centralized data management hub. You can model, compare, synchronize, clean and improve all your data points across multiple systems and applications to speed up better internal performance and improve the customer experience. Our Master data record management solutions allow you to handle limitless data and also ensures continuity and accuracy.

PiLog ensures that your data structure is streamlined to enable easy data management, enabling your users to be more accountable and make the right decision regarding customers. We create perfect alignment between your data management strategy and your business goals.

MDRM - Master Data Record Management Solutions comes with many features The search engines are focused on creating a better user experience with their Smart and Fuzzy search features. It runs on a number of databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP HANA, etc.Completely flexible data models handle most complex data

  • Completely flexible data models handle most complex data
  • Enrich any master data record across any data domain
  • Easily manage millions of records with thousands of attributes
  • Free Community Edition with unlimited data, channels, users
  • Deployment on both on-premise and cloud infrastructure