The Emirates Times Shines Spotlight on Dr. Imad A. Syed, CEO of PiLog Middle East and APAC

The Emirates Times Shines Spotlight on Dr. Imad A. Syed, CEO of PiLog Middle East and APAC of PiLog Group. With his immense expertise and senior positions is inspiring to many. This interview features the CEO of PiLog Middle East and APAC, who shares his career path, his passion for tech, challenges in maintaining the business and staying on top of the curve.

PiLog has a global presence and is a leading provider of Master Data Quality Solutions. PiLog supports multiple master data domains across several industries. PiLog's CEO for Middle East and APAC, Dr. Imad A. Syed, shares his insights on how to expand your business, build transparency, and gain customers' trust. He also offers valuable lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Career Overview

"Could share a brief summary of your career path, including important milestones and transitions?"

Dr. Imad says, "With over twenty years of experience and a career progression from Sr. Systems Engineer at PiLog to CEO PiLog Middle East and APAC today and Group CIO as well as Board Member with PiLog, the overall experience spans more than two decades speaks volumes."I've had the chance to lead all organization initiatives in the forefront for PiLog Group Development and its esteemed clients for go-to market, revenue management and profitability, product development and corporate advisor.

I am an expert in creating simple but powerful strategies for data management, transformation and analytics. I have excelled in operational efficiency and effectiveness. "I have revolutionized product and solution design using agile, sustainable frameworks. "

He said, "Developing and executing business strategy, whether it be for GTM, Product, Operational Management or deep & diverse Value-Engineering Solutions, has been one of my core strengths throughout the years." I believe in nurturing and leading high-performance team, which results in the best experience for both employees and customers.

" I designed and developed the architecture for Enterprise solutions using state-of-the art futuristic technologies. These include Cloud-based microservices with subscription models. Also, the management of data lifecycle processes, such as iDataAcquisition & iDataHarmonization & iDataGovernance & iDataAnalytics, can be integrated across platforms & operational system. "

Passion For Technology

We were interested to know how education influenced his career decisions that led him to this position. We asked him, "How has education influenced you career choices and your growth in this industry?"

He said : "My passion for early technology adoption, building business-driven excellence in technology, and my love for data and knowledge management have shaped my career.

" Mission and goals were simple to me. I wanted to improve the TOP and BOTTOM line by at least 20% YoY, and increase revenue by 200 MUSD and 500 MUSD in 2030. "

Adaptability to the Challenges

Any business will face challenges. We asked: "How do your tackle challenges in the field, despite changing market dynamics and technology advancements?"

Dr. Imad said, "Market penetration across geography and industry sectors were one of our major challenges. This was addressed well with revised geographic strategies and effective partner management. A career development plan, equal opportunities for advancement and profit sharing models were used to effectively manage the retention of knowledge.

A forward-thinking plan for product release included the adoption of evolving technologies, synchronization platforms and improved user experience to meet dynamic demand and fierce competition. Change management was also limited. Our company has also been able to survive in both favorable and unfavorable conditions. This includes the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. "

Staying ahead of the competition

We asked Dr. Imad A. Syed, "How can you make sure your company is adaptable to new trends and technologies?"

Dr. Imad responded, "Market conditions in the near future will be cautious as more organizations look for opportunities to consolidate business processes and optimize IT investment. Although it's difficult for IT product and service companies to maintain innovation, automation and a clear vision will allow the IT Products, Consulting, and Services Industry flourish.

"Our company's focus on Data is Master, Meta, Real-Time Analytical Optimization and, in turn, Business Processes that impact large industries most on the 4 M's, namely Man, Machine, Money & Material, Extended Supply Chain & Asset Life Cycle Management. "

Future of Dr. Imad A. Syed and Company

What are your goals or plans for your company and career?

He replied passionately, "PiLog’s business plan is derived from controlled aggression and the ability to manage effective quarter by quarter to meet organizational objectives. We have also improved profitability by increasing automation, PCBs and per capita income, as well as top-line and lower-line improvements above market expectations.

We are also focused on increasing market penetration in different geographies through solid partnerships, analyst cooperation, and bolstering digital marketing and sales management. We are also interested in extending our service line and combining products into DATA Quality HUB, with the modularity to allow customers to choose between on-premises or cloud Focused Innovation Council. "

The Journey Embraces Lessons

We were interested to know the important lessons Dr. Imad Syed has learned over his career. We asked Dr. Imad A. Syed, "What valuable life lessons have you gained throughout your career?"

Transparency, passion, and a vision-based management system are crucial when running a business. You will be able to progress and survive in any industry if you are willing to face challenges and overcome problems. Adopting new technologies and investing in innovation is a great way to be a leader in your industry.

Having the right business partners is also important for your organization's growth. "Over the years, I've learned how to create a value-chain within an organization in order to provide a better experience for both internal and external engagements." Dr. Imad spoke.

Setting PiLog Apart

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Dr. Imad Syed responded, Our key products include DATA Quality HUB including Data Harmonization and Data Migration & Governance Solutions with impactful tools ML & IoT-enabled Business Performance Analytics Platform and many other products.

" Our core services include Cleansing Services, which includes Cleanse and Standardization of Multi-Domain Master Data, as well as Business Process Outsourcing and Asset and Supply Chain Process Optimization. "

"However our competitive advantage in this industry is wider market penetration. We have a stronger financial capability, a higher professional count in different parts of the world, and we invest more in technology, innovation and reskilling. He continued.

Global Trends: A Guide to Understanding Them

We were interested to know how PiLog navigated the evolving market trends throughout the years. How has your company successfully navigated and capitalised on emerging global trends or shifts to consumer behaviour?

Dr. Imad A. Syed said, "Some simple rules of business at PiLog helped it sustain and grow even during COVID-19." Our company's growth has been aided by being transparent, transparent, and reliable in our operations, while investing in the right people, processes and technology.

Our strength is also having people with the same passion, from Board to Analyst, who are eager to learn, unlearn and perform. They always go that extra step! Our revenue comes from our existing customers. This reflects their trust and confidence in us. "

Inspirational Words for Beginners

The last question we asked was: "What do you think are the most important skills or qualities that beginners should develop to succeed in this industry?"

"Remember that challenges and problems are what will help you progress & sustain. Be transparent, passionate, and vision-based in your organization management. As a leader in Go-to-Market and adoption, define and manage value effectively for both internal and external engagements. "Ensure continuous investment in innovation." Dr. Imad concluded.