Data has always been a part of our daily lives; with technological advances, we have just become more adept at collecting and making sense of it.

Super charge your Data and see Business performance insights with ease of accessibility. In this webinar we will cover up several issues linking Data and Analytics.

PiLog's Data Quality Hub architecture enables data to be collected and transformed using PiLog products & Cloud web services. Later, your master data becomes the success factor of your company providing insights, customized dashboard, and analytics. Know how PiLog's Data Quality Hub drives sustainable data quality across the whole organization


Mr. Imad Syed

CEO Middle East and APAC - PiLog Group

Senior Executive, Digital Advisory, Visionary Leader with vast experience in conceiving & designing business, enterprise information and data quality HUB strategies for medium to large enterprises; Expertise in designing simple yet powerful strategies for data governance, management, transformation and analytics of complex system landscapes, proven track record of excelling operational efficiency & effectiveness; revolutionized the product and solution development using innovative frameworks that are agile and sustainable from the perspective of futuristic technology evolution's.