PiLog at the forefront of Big Data Research

Arkansas,USA - Two students, sponsored by the PiLog Academy, received a top award at the 2019 Student Research and Creative Works Expo at the University of Arkansas (UA) Little Rock at Little Rock

The ongoing post-graduate research of the two students, Coenrad de Jager and Marinda Huisamen, is focused on big data technologies, on entity resolution, machine learning and artificial intelligence.Using actual data from large corporations, the practical research endeavors to do a proof of concept (POC) of technologies and processes to obtain quality information that is analyzable and usable by all downstream systems in the organization. For this, the students use Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and specialized programmes to create data requirements that comply with ISO8000 and that fit the data sets. Once the data requirements are determined, they are populated from data that is extracted from the large data sets. The end result is to deliver accurate and quality information that is beneficial to the organization`s multiple IT systems. These POC studies are currently being done in the following customer domains:

PiLog at the forefront of Big Data Research
    • Vendor Data with the focus on vendor addresses and other information to be automated with the aid of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
    • Medical Data to be structured into ISO 8000 data quality frameworks in view of Machine Learning applications
    • Text Digitalization from Images and scanned documents to support Artificial Intelligence criteria.

The knowledge gained through these POC studies can be applied to many other domains as these are the latest technologies that can be applied to avoid that big data lakes become becoming data swamps, and to extract intelligent information from large databases. Dr John Talburt, Professor of information science at the UA Little Rock, commented that the depth and scope of the students` research and creative projects has been truly impressive.

The PiLog Academy is a division of the international PiLog group and focuses on partnering with Higher Education Institutions and related Academy Organizations in the field of Master Data Quality Solutions that will utilize and enhance the Pilog Group Master Data Quality Solutions to ultimately benefit industry. The partnership with the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) of UA Little Rock, and the benefits obtained from the post graduate student research, is a prime example.

Dr de Jager, the chairperson of the PiLog Group commented that "We strongly believe that the PiLog commercial solutions are enriched by the research and graduates coming from the UA Little Rock Information Quality Graduate Programme. Continuing advances in the data and information technology will be the key to future success and for educating and training the leadership needed to sustain this dynamic field. We are proud of our two students."

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