Dear All,

As you are fully aware of the present pandemic caused by Corona Virus COVID -19, PiLog wishes to bring to your notice the health & safety measures we’ve put in place.

We value our employees, customers & partners and so in the light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak following precautionary measures are in place

  • All business flights and travel arrangements are suspended with immediate effect
  • Face-to-Face meetings and support will be limited as far as possible by rather using the digital platforms of online Meetings (e.g. Skype / GoTo Meeting).
  • All PiLog employees already working offsite at customer’s premises will abide by the customer’s safety measures, rules and regulations enforced by management
  • Please bring all reported incidents where individuals in PiLog are in your company who tested positive for the coronavirus / or who came into contact with an individual infected with the virus that had or are in direct contact with PiLog employees under our attention.
  • We have in place business continuity policy and measures to tackle situations where the employees need to work from home if required using personal or company laptops, and through VPN where viable .
  • We have planned Cloud Options ready to make any on-premise application or tools required to run the business smoothly

However please understand that despite all the steps taken for business continuity we may run into a situation where the deliverables may be impacted as we are bound by the government regulations which are being issued to curb the Pandemic.

We will notify through proper means and channels as soon as the situation improves so please be aware and stay healthy by following the basic precautionary measures of cleanliness and hygiene. In case you have specific challenges/requirements, kindly reach out to us to find out how PiLog can assist

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