PiLog Master Data Quality Solutions

  • No solution available in the market that fits your specific processes ?
  • Still manually capturing input from forms and spreadsheets in to systems?
  • Lack of data quality and consistency in your information ?
  • No way to clearly identify the quality gap in the data of your organisation and how to improve and monitor the improvement of your organisation’s data ?
  • Difficult to find information, duplicated entries in your information ?
  • Trying to understand the requirements on your organisation / opportunities for your organisation based on social media feedback and trends ?
  • Is there still manual management of documentation – lack of digitalisation ?

PiLog’s master data quality solutions platform provides a library of pre-defined data requirement statements with embedded rules that can be seamlessly integrated into governance processes to digitalize the organization :

  • Embedded Technical Dictionary/Ontology for data requirement statements (templates)
  • Enhanced search facilities based on classification, descriptions & ontology
  • BPMN 2 compliant workflow, flexibility of routings
  • Comprehensive Data and Document Management
  • Choice of on-premise or Cloud Deployment
  • Governance processes for the creation, editing, deletion, archiving of master data
  • Emergency processes with shortened governance processes
  • Escalation management
  • Descriptions or rendering engine

PiLog’s solution aims at delivering industry-proven best practices to improve governance processes with the following features :

  • On-demand content as & when required via PiLog Data cloud micro-services
  • Matching plans to detect potential duplicated records integrated into the governance processes
  • Deployed to mobile devices – Go anywhere, Be anywhere
  • Visual architecture modelling tool for business processes
  • Auto system management based on SLA agreements, auto task cancellations, notifications and auto task reprioritisation
  • Real-Time monitoring and KPI measurement
  • Forms management (digitalisation) with ISO 8000 data quality integration
  • System administration workbenches to monitor tasks in progress, re-allocation of tasks


  • Manage multiple master data domains
  • Specific product focus on domains that deliver high ROI:
    • Materials
    • Services
    • Vendors
    • Customers
  • Multi-Lingual
    • Manage multi-lingual data sets
    • Search across multi-lingual data sets in any language
    • Capture once in language of origin
    • System interface (GUI) adapt dynamically to user language preference
  • Multi-Tenant

    Inbuilt data governance based on ISO 8000 and related standards

  • Implement Data Types that enforces data quality at entry
  • Ability to dynamically create Data Requirement structures to host and maintain master data
  • Provide for master data relationships (nested data requirements)

    Flexible work flow

  • Tailor the solution quickly to the client’s governance processes
  • Adopt the BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Provide workflow work benches for the configurators of the system

    Extensive Reporting

  • Data Quality Reports
  • Measure quality improvement over time
  • Immediately available after data take-on
  • Overview reports
  • Monitoring reports
  • SLA reports
  • Duration
  • Quality
  • Reporting repository

    Service-oriented architecture

  • SOAP
  • REST

Business Value:

  • Improved & Accurate Searchability using Classification reduces the time taken for material identification
  • Ready to use Industry proven taxonomy & ISO compliant content (Class, Characteristics, Values & UOMs)
  • 100% improved duplicate detection algorithms based on proven best practices, Up to 10% savings on Inventory cost by identifying & eliminating duplication
  • System generated technically sound, comprehensive multi-lingual short & PO texts, 50% improved material master descriptions for easy procurement
  • Solution embedded within SAP platform without need for External Solution or Framework

Human Empowerment – saves time, money & effort

  • At least 2 times faster & accurate search using embedded ontology, saves huge time & effort
  • Systematic identification of duplicate records & multi-lingual descriptions without any manual effort, seamless, unbiased intervention
  • Context based adaptations reduces the time to populate the required fields & validations
  • Standard workflows and forms that can be rolled out across multiple domains
  • Portals and portal technologies enable suppliers and authorised sources of data to contribute to the governance process to save time and ensure the data is obtained directly from the source

Social value:

  • Standardized usage of terminology improves the communication within and/or across the industry processes
  • Cloud enablement improves industry interaction to help reduce the carbon footprint by means of effective & optimized search and identification techniques
  • Redundant records utilizes lot of storage space unnecessarily, lean & healthy database definitely has positive effect on the environment

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