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Data and analytics leaders and their organizations continue to focus on leveraging data locked up in silos across business systems, business applications, mobile, edge and more. Various technologies and architectures have been used to try to alleviate or solve the issues with siloed data: from yet another enterprise data warehouse to data lakes, centralized governance, cloud, ERP and even data oceans.

Looking forward, the number of separate data repositories will only increase as more data becomes available and accessible from outside the organization. More organizations will share data externally - either voluntarily or due to regulations. Global organizations will even deliberately seek siloed architectures to help protect themselves from growing regulatory control of sovereign governments.

Source:Gartner Predicts 2022: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making, Jorgen Heizenberg, Lydia Clougherty Jones, Ted Friedman, Andrew White, Saul Judah, Gareth Herschel, Rita Sallam, Ehtisham Zaidi, Svetlana Sicular, Published 2 December 2021.

PiLog's Data Quality HUB Strategy - IntelliSense Framework and new features to lookout for...

Data Acquisition:

  • Pre-built data connectors with real time data acquisition & ingestion; Data discovery, modelling, mining, profiling, assessment, analysis & visualization, ETL features and data streaming

Data Harmonization [AI/ML]:

  • Data loading & profiling with Quality Establishment & Compliance
  • Data cleansing, standardization, normalization, enrichment, transformation, auto-corrections/updates from repositories & libraries

Data Governance:

  • Batch or record-based data management functions such as Create, Change, Extend, Delete, Undelete, Merge, Split, Match, Validate, Archive, Unarchive, Link, Delink as per the Business rules of the data objects compliant with Target systems
  • Data Quality Establishment: SLAs, KPIs, Infographics

Data Integration :

  • Seamless Data Integration, Synchronization, Distribution, Syndication, Orchestration, Micro-Services (APIs)

Data Analytics:

  • Business performance insights
  • CXO Dashboards [Spend, Performance, ROI, KPIs, SLAs] On-demand real-time Infographics & Cockpit Views
  • Asset and Supply Chain Process Optimization
  • Data Quality Audits - Regulatory & Statutory
  • Cleansing Services covering Cleanse, Standardization, Categorization and Enrichment of multi-domain master data

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