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Enterprise and data silos pose one of the most significant barriers to digital business success, in private and public sectors, and technologies by themselves cannot address this situation. Moreover, enterprises that span multiple organizations or legal entities and operate across multiple geographic areas face a network effect caused by these silos that significantly depletes their ability to govern effectively across legal entities.

There is sometimes no single executive leader that is specifically accountable for the cross-legal-entity responses to strategic (e.g., environmental and social) challenges. If an executive leader has been identified, they are typically far removed from the local governance bodies and therefore have only a limited understanding of accountability and how decision rights are implemented.

Source: Gartner Predicts 2022: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making, Jorgen Heizenberg, Lydia Clougherty Jones, Ted Friedman, Andrew White, Saul Judah, Gareth Herschel, Rita Sallam, Ehtisham Zaidi, Svetlana Sicular, Published 2 December 2021.

PiLog's key factors for a successful Digital Transformation:

  • Implementing Digital tools make information more accessible across the organization.
  • Standard operation procedures and feature upgradations to include new digital technologies from time to time.
  • Having the right, digital-savvy leaders in place.
  • Financial Asset Management and eSPIR solution
  • Empowering people to work in new approaches by providing timely demos and with a 24x7 support center.

PiLog's digital strategy enhances your customer experiences and improves the organization's edge. With an evident and deliberate roadmap, PiLog's digital transformation service optimizes processes and create efficient systems for your organization.

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Predicts 2022: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making

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