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As Per Gartner Predicts 2022

The 2020 Reengineering the Decision Survey indicated that 95% of respondents were open to at least some aspect of the decision process being automated.

Decisions that use data can be automated in a variety of ways but are between being mostly human-based and entirely automated (decision support, decision augmentation or decision automation).

Advances in analytics, AI and other digital technology have enabled the automation of not only relatively simple decisions, like inventory reorders, but also more complex ones, like self-driving cars.

Source: Gartner Predicts 2022: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making, Jorgen Heizenberg, Lydia Clougherty Jones, Ted Friedman, Andrew White, Saul Judah, Gareth Herschel, Rita Sallam, Ehtisham Zaidi, Svetlana Sicular, Published 2 December 2021.

Enterprise Data Quality Management:

As you may know, there are many data quality issues include duplicated data, incomplete data, inconsistent data, incorrect data, poorly defined data or poorly organized data. The quality, reliability and usability of data is paramount to its value. Poor data quality is costing companies millions that can lead to reallost revenue and sunk costs.

PiLog offers the best practices that would turn up your entire data in 100% better quality which helps in cost reduction. Our Data Quality Hub is a framework that consists of the processes - Enterprise Data (ETL), Data Harmonization, Governance, Integration, Analytics, Add-Ons with Industry Standards and Best Practices to cope with poor quality data in your business.

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