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What are we

PiLog is a leading provider of Master Data Quality Solutions

PiLog is a global group of companies specializing in Enterprise Asset Management and Cataloguing Solutions. Today the PiLog Group is a leading provider of Master Data Quality solutions, services and content, supporting multiple domains in various industries.

PiLog solutions are state of the art, focused on creating a common business language and managing the rules for creating high quality, multilingual master data for organizations. PiLog provides exclusive technical dictionary content that is the culmination of research, development, and execution over the past twenty years.

What we do

PiLog improves the quality of customer's item descriptions, generating them in multiple languages, to meet statutory and other requirements

As The Master Data Experts™, the PiLog team cleansed millions of records and saved clients millions of dollars by eliminating duplicate inventory, spares, free-text spend, improving spend analysis and procurement through proper item and service cataloguing. PiLog delivers this through multiple software solutions, services, consulting and content.

  • Our flagship product, PiLog MDRM (Master Data Record Manager) is the industry-leading tool for Master Data Governance. Turn your master data into the asset it should be with our governance solution designed to cater for material, service, vendor, customer & finance master data domains

  • Our Enterprise Asset Data Acquisition services are designed for companies acquiring large assets and new facilities through construction or mergers and acquisitions

  • Our exclusive Ontology, is a Technical Dictionary with over 4,000 material classification templates to guide accurate data creation and maintenance to rapidly create quality Master Data

  • Our Data Enrichment Labs and on-site teams provide extensive cleansing, cataloguing and classification services in multiple languages, utilizing an engineering mindset

  • For those wanting to start with structured descriptions and not wait for historical data cleanup, we offer the Structured Description Generator, PiLog STG, and clean content to build class-driven descriptions to improve search capability, spend analysis, procurement and eliminate free-text spend

Fact Sheet


PiLog India awarded as 'Data Company of the Year' by Indywood

Add-Ons & Certifications

SAP certified interface with S4/HANA


PiLog has customers across the globe from almost every industry sector

Market Position

PiLog is a market leader in providing Master Data Quality Solutions

PiLog Preferred Records

PiLog has over 6 million PiLog Preferred Records


PiLog employees 350+ Master Data Resources across the globe


PiLog's taxonomy is covering all the templates of all major industry sectors



The PiLog master data quality solutions are comprehensive and can be integrated with commercial systems such as SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Microsoft, IBM (Maximo) and etc.

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