Organizations have hunger to save money

Operational Efficiencies & Effectiveness is the only way to save money!!!

With ~ 70 to 75% average organizational costs are associated with materials & services sourcing, procurement and inventory with prime mantra - A DOLLAR SAVED IS DOLLAR EARNED

  • CPOs and CFPs always self-reflect the opportunities WHERE & HOW!!!
  • Spend performance visibility
  • Real-Time Inventory hoarding information
  • Confidence on partnership
  • Achieve industry benchmarks - KPIs (Key performance indicators)& KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

PiLog, as renowned partner of choice has been assisting customers across industry domains in journey to excel in Inventory Optimization. PiLog enables customers to make their entire Supply Chain Optimized; systematic process driven value model to drive organizational effectiveness & efficiencies across processes with tighter integration. Salient process enablers for our value models in Inventory Optimization:

  • Qualified master data adopting to various standards of ISO, SOX, DUNS, UNSPSC (International Organization for Standardization,Sarbanes-Oxley,Data Universal Numbering System,United Nations Standard Products and Services Code)enabled tighter control of supply chain processes
  • SOP's(Standard operating procedures) & Strategy for Sourcing each Category with qualified master data
  • SOP's(Standard operating procedures) & Strategy for Inventory for both inbound, out bound, storage types and conditions, statutory requirements etc.
  • Spend & Inventory Performance Visibility to ensure tighter controls on KPI's(Key performance indicators) and KRA's(Key Responsibility Areas)
  • Support in defining or refining best in class Supply Chain Performance KPI's(Key performance indicators) and models to Measure:
  • Zero Maverick Spend and 100% Contract Compliance

  • TReduction in cost of sourcing & procuring products and services YoY ~20%

  • Inventory operations costs reduction YoY ~ 10%

  • Spares Inventory Hoarding Reducing YoY ~ 15%

  • Adherence to standards, policies, procedures and planning > 95%

WOW, Saving - Saving ($$$) on every event in supply chain!!!

  • Sourcing Projects & Contracts execution with 100% adherence to SOP's(Standard operating procedures) and KPI's(Key Responsibility Areas)
  • Optimized Overall inventory operations
  • Revalidating and updating of Inventory parameters of Safety Stock, Re-Order Point, Min. / Max. Levels

  • Optimize Bin, Rack, Open, Bulk and Yard Management hypothesis and recommendations

  • Recommendations on Storage conditions

  • Physical inventory process review and recommendation for cyclic, sample stochastic inventory taking

  • Review and update of warehouse audit procedures and schedule

  • Review and update of exiting picking and put away strategies

  • Hypothesis and recommendations on non-moving or slow moving items

  • Recommendations on materials for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Hub and Spoke based Inventory distribution and centralized warehouse management within sister concern

  • Continual Measure and Improve Supply Chain
  • Once in three years Material Criticality Assessment

  • Every quarter Spend and Supplier Performance visibility

  • Revisit the ROP, SS, Min. / Max, EOQ etc. every year

PiLog envisages its rich experience & industry best practices and committed to continually improve Supply Chain for all events with 500+ Skilled engineering professionals globally Expertise in business process optimization, automation and product management.

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