Organizations in state of bother about its Asset Life Cycle Management

With ZERO appetite for asset replacement in aging industries, industry leaders nightmare is enduring performance from old war horses" Prominent leaders always self-reflect the challenges WHY & WHAT!!!

  • Asset performance visibility
  • Confidence on maintenance operations
  • Achieve industry benchmarks - KPIs(Key performance indicators) & KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas)
  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
  • Overall reduction in maintenance cost (MC ~ 15% YoY) (Year-Over-Year)

PiLog, as renowned partner of choice has been assisting clients across industry domains in journey to excel in Digital Asset Management. PiLog enables customers to make their Asset Management World Class; systematic process driven value model to drive organizational effectiveness & efficiencies across processes with deep & tight integration. Salient process enablers for our value models in Asset Life Cycle Management:

Design collaboration with right partners (DUNS, IEEE, IEC, ISO, KKS etc. standards) to enable optimized & tailor made assets

Ensure design documentation is captured and indexed and integrated with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and maintenance applications with process for timely version control

Lifecycle spares along with bill of materials are organized with version control on applications pertaining to Production, Maintenance, Sourcing and Inventory planning & Execution (ISO 8000, UNSPSC, e@Class, HSN, SAC, NATO, ISO 22745, ISO 11179, ISO 29002, IEC 60050 (IEV) with dictionary templates) with Spares Inventory Hoarding Reducing YoY ~ 15%


Support in defining or refining best in class Asset Performance KPI's(Key performance indicators) and models to Measure:

  • Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE > 95%)
  • Improvement in Planned Availability (PA > 98%)
  • Reduction in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR ~ 20% YoY)
  • Improvement in Mean Time between Failures (MTBF ~ 20-25% YoY)
  • Overall reduction in maintenance cost (MC ~ 15% YoY)

Building / Refining industry standards and procedures for Asset Management - Quality, Statutory and EHS (ISO 55001, ISO 14224, ISO 45001 etc.)

  • Asset / Equipment Criticality Assessment

  • Task Lists based on OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), Industry Standards and Best Practices for preventive, condition based monitoring, predictive

  • Risk Profiling & Forecasting

  • Asset Maintenance Maturity Model

Optimized Maintenance planning and scheduling covering the frequency and schedule over life cycle of Asset with adherence to standards, policies, procedures and planning > 95%

Continual Measure and Improve Asset Life Cycle with ROI(Return on Investment)in less than 50% of depreciation period

  • Once in three years Material Criticality Assessment

  • Once in three years Asset / Equipment Criticality Assessment

  • Every year Maintenance Maturity Assessment

  • Risk based investigation

  • Failure Mode Effect & Root Cause Analysis

  • Route for Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • Asset disposal or Transfer of Ownership Strategy

PiLog envisages its rich experience & industry best practices and committed to continually improve Asset Performance Management throughout the Life Cycle with 500+ Skilled engineering professionals globally Expertise in business process optimization, automation and product management.

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