Can't live without partnership

With all organizational recognizing the fact, we can't do and grow all alone, able partnership is essence of success - UNITED WE SUSTAIN, DIVIDED WE PERISH!!!

Organization Strategic Thinkers always self-reflect opportunities WHOM & HOW!!!

  • Partner Performance Visibility
  • Mutual value generation information
  • Avenues of partnership
  • Achieve industry benchmarks - KPI's (Key performance indicators)& KRA's(Key Responsibility Areas)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

PiLog, as renowned partner of choice has been assisting clients across industry domains in journey to excel in Sustained Partnership. PiLog enables customers to make their business partner life cycle management optimized; systematic process driven value model to drive organizational effectiveness & efficiencies across processes with tighter integration. Salient process enablers for our value models in Sustained Partnership:

  • Partner pre-qualification, registration and registration based on the standards and data of DUNS and UNSPSC; with vigorous process control
  • SOP's(Standard operating procedures) & Strategy for each partner echo-system and collaboration management
  • SOP's(Standard operating procedures) & Strategy for partner onboarding
  • Partner Performance Visibility to ensure tighter controls on KPI's(Key performance indicators) and KRA's(Key Responsibility Areas)
  • 100% Contract Compliance

  • <95% On time Delivery & <98% Order Confirmation

  • Reduce Inventory Hoarding by 15% YoY

  • 100% design conformity

  • <95% Quality meeting PO(Purchase order) expectations

  • 100% Compliance to Regulatory, Safety and Standards

  • Reduce the pricing YoY by 15% A, B, C (Material Criticality)

  • Reduce the invoices errors by less than 5%

WOW, Saving - Saving ($$$) on every event of sustained partnership!!!

  • Massure performance through analytics and 360-degree partner audits
  • Continual Measure and Improve Partnership
  • Once in year Key Partner Audits

  • Every quarter Spend and Supplier Performance visibility

  • Performance Improvement Plan with continual monitoring and control

PiLog envisages its rich experience & industry best practices and committed to continually improve Sustained Partnership with 500+ Skilled engineering professionals globally Expertise in business process optimization, automation and product management.

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