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  • Are you suffering from Un Structured Master Data?
  • Do you want to cleanse your existing master data?
  • Do you want to identify the duplicates across your master data?
  • Do you want to standardize your master data?
  • Do you have inconsistencies in master data?

The PiLog Data Harmonization Solution was built primarily to acquire, build, structure, clean and configure data, gathered during a Capital Expansion Project and then deliver this data in a format that can be easily uploaded into any operational ERP solution for further processing of transactional data. From an Operational Data perspective, the opportunity of acquiring all the necessary data for a fully integrated ERP solution is at its highest during the project, as all the Vendors are quite possibly on-site and the contract close-out procedures can contain Master Data delivery checks and balances that will ensure the successful delivery of all relevant Procurement, Materials and Maintenance Master Data.

The Data Harmonization Solution has got built in master data taxonomy or dictionary that will help to cleanse and standardize the master data. It has got all the QC checks and methodology that can be implemented during the project phase to achieve the targeted results. Inbuilt algorithm to generate Short & Long Descriptions w.r.t targeted ERP system

  • Cleansed, Enriched, Master Data Records
  • 100% duplicates identification
  • Provides the analytics on the existing data
  • Consistent Material Group assignment across the data
  • Structured Short & Long Descriptions Generation

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