PiLog Group CEO Optimistic about India

April 2016, PiLog India -"India has been increasingly looked at as an engine that will drive global growth in future. This is reason enough to look at the economic prospects of India over the current decade", said award-winning South African economist Ulrich Joubert and Dr Salomon de Jager, Group CEO of PiLog. ''My forecasts indicate that the likelihood of India

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PiLog soon to Release Globally Accredited Master Data Quality Solution Courses

PiLog Inc is currently in discussion with leading global universities to accredit courses focusing on the fast growing areas of quality master data solutions. The SA Government identified the need for extensive training on the ISO 8000 Solution and Data Quality in general. A need has been identified to accredit PiLog's existing training material by leading educational institutes.

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PiLog Group Awarded a Major Contract in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"PiLog Kingdom of Saudi Arabia team is proud to get the business of Saudi Arabia's first private integrated utility company, MARAFIQ", said Dr Salomon de Jager, President of PiLog Group. PiLog Group, a global leader in the initiation and management of quality data master solutions, was awarded a cataloguing and data collection contract.with this major Saudi Arabian group. Said Hennie Kilian, Chief Operations Officer, PiLog Middle East: "We estimate to catalog about 40,000 line items with over 13,000 to be completed during 2014." Marafiq's main

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PiLog Group Wins 2 Year Data Management Contract from Adani

PiLog Group, the global leader in the initiation and management of quality master data solutions, was won a two-year contract to provide master data services as part of the master data management program from the Adani Group, a leading Indian infrastructure conglomerate. As per the contract PiLog India will harmonize:

  • nearly 50,000 vendor and customer master records across the Adani Group's businesses
  • up to 225,000 material masters
  • 50,000 service masters
  • 25,000 master records that will be reconciled on-site
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